"Add Calendar" greyed out in OWA 2010

By YellowOnline on Thursday 22 November 2018 16:25 - Comments (3)
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This one took me a long time. Users were complaining they could not add calendars to their OWA because the option Add Calendar is greyed out. I did a lot of research on this and could not find out why this happened. I found a handful of people with a similar issue online but alas without a solution. The best info I got was someone from Microsoft stating that there is no option in Exchange to disable this. Through trial and error I found the pattern: it doesn't work for people who logon to their mailbox directly.

Usually you log on to OWA simply by surfing to https://$mailserver/owa . This is an indirect link: it opens the mailbox based on your credentials. The other method, often used by mailadmins who need to log into a mailbox but also by some users, is a direct link https://$mailserver/owa/$emailaddress.

In the latter case, you cannot add calendars. There is some kind of logic behind this, but god this was annoying.