Windows Server 2008 R2 update to SP1 troubles (surely with DPM)

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 24 July 2012 14:59 - Comments (2)
Category: Windows, Views: 6.809

I had a problem with some server that didn't want to update to SP1. The internet is full of possible solution but none seemed to be working for me. Log files of all kind did not show any error at all, not even with verbose logging of the Windows Installer (through a registry hack Microsoft sometimes uses when troubleshooting).

It took me a week of troubleshooting before I opened a ticket with Microsoft. It took another week of troubleshooting with Microsoft to find the solution. As this solution is hidden in a post on the DPM fora of MSDN that doesn't easily turn up when searching the internet, I happily blog about it as my posts seem to be very well indexed by Google.

This solution is in a thread about DPM, and I too had the problem in DPM - because SP1 verifies all snapshots and DPM usually has a lot of volumes and, accordingly, a lot of snapshots. Still, it might be a solution for other people too if the symptoms are alike.

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Bad_Pool_Header on Windows Server 2008 R2

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 10 May 2011 11:17 - Comments (1)
Category: Windows, Views: 9.658

This morning my SCDPM server had recovered from an unexpected shutdown. What happened? It took me a while to find out, but it turns out Windows Server 2008 R2 itself was the culprit.

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Windows 8 M1 preview: it has Powershell 3.0 !

By YellowOnline on Wednesday 13 April 2011 18:46 - Comments (18)
Category: Windows, Views: 10.413

Following nieuws: Vroege build van Windows 8 lekt uit I'm posting my own small preview of Windows 8 build 7580. I do seem to have a small scoop: Windows 8 contains Powershell 3.0.

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Windows 7 Service Pack 1: ERROR C000009A applying update operation Y of Z

By YellowOnline on Monday 4 April 2011 09:26 - Comments (17)
Category: Windows, Views: 6.839

After a recent encounter with a complete system crash due to a rootkit (mental note: do not disable your antivirus if it automatically deletes a downloaded application :')) I had to reinstall my system. Everything went well and fast: it took me about 4 hours to reinstall my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS plus all of my applications. The only thing I left to do was installing my language packs - I install all of the language packs for internationalization reasons - which takes a few hours unfortunately. I had to install these before installing SP1 because if I apply SP1 first these LPs no longer work and I need to download the SP1 LPs from MSDN. So after hours of waiting for Arab to Zulu to install, I could finally install SP1 and reboot my computer. After that I would finally be able to take an Acronis image of my PC so in the future I can just restore in case of problems.

And then it all went wrong.

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Microsoft SBS 2011 Essentials Beta: Partition size too large

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 22 March 2011 19:29 - Comments (11)
Category: Windows, Views: 10.256

If you want to install SBS 2011 Essentials Beta, you might get this error:

Specified partition size is too large to support a data partition.

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