Microsoft Word loves HTML

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 4 August 2015 20:47 - Comments (10)
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Word is a great text editor, whatever die-hard fans of the late WordPerfect may say. I will, however, admit that WP had a few advantages when it comes to transparency of the underlying code. After more than 20 years, Word can still annoy me because WYSIWYG does not live up to its name. No better illustration than HTML, because there we do see the underlying code.

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Solidarité Charlie Hebdo (1) nl

Door YellowOnline op woensdag 7 januari 2015 13:22 - Reacties (23)
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(100 zweepslagen indien u niet sterft van het lachen)

Setting up XBMC with MySQL

By YellowOnline on Saturday 13 September 2014 23:24 - Comments (15)
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You have a central media server and several XBMC/Kodi devices connect to it. Unfortunately, what you watch on one device isn't marked as 'watched' on another and each device needs to refresh its library individually. The solution: use an external database. XBMC uses SQLite, but most people use MySQL if they isolate the library part.

There are plenty of guides already around for this, but quite some of them are confusing, outdated, version specific and/or assume the configuration will happen flawlessly. That seldom happens. I hope to be able to help anyone who got stuck with other how-to's.

My media server runs on a Windows Server 2012 R2. My MySQL runs on the same server (XBMC doesn't talk MSSQL), so my guide is Windows based. Most issues are platform independent though.

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Whatever you do, do not order the soup

By YellowOnline on Wednesday 3 September 2014 16:38 - Comments (12)
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I know this pretty good restaurant in Berlin... just don't order their soup. Not in English, at least.

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Domste product ooit nl

Door YellowOnline op maandag 17 maart 2014 22:07 - Reacties (46)
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... of toch een goede kandidaat. Ik werk (onbetaald) sinds kort in een (zeer kleine) elektrozaak om terug te 'leren' werken. Veel werk heb ik niet: wat eenvoudige PC-reparaties, wat scripting en wat HTML. Een product uit het keukenassortiment trok mijn aandacht vandaag:
(volledige kwaliteit zodat alles leesbaar is)

Hemeltje lief, wie koopt zoiets? 8)7

Edit 31/03/2014:

Speciaal voor Arokh nog meer onzinnige keukengadgets: