Cleaning up Windows Explorer

By YellowOnline on Monday 26 February 2018 18:50 - Comments (9)
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Do you hate the default Windows shortcuts in Windows Explorer as much as I do, yet you don't want to switch to Total Commander for some reason? Here's a little script I wrote in Powershell to get a clean layout like this:

There are several how-to's on the net to remove single objects, whether through executing a registry file or by accessing the registry directly. Often the latter, as some settings can only be changed by TrustedInstaller. This script uses a real hack that I probably shouldn't share in the first place, courtesy of tirannido, to impersonate TrustedInstaller and subsequently edit the registry - which is not only more practical than manually taking ownership but also cleaner and therefore safer in the long run.

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YellowOnline Mini is nu Beta nl

Door YellowOnline op zaterdag 17 februari 2018 23:27 - Reacties (17)
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De YellowOnline Mini is nu in Beta met codenaam Josephine. Vermoedelijk ergens in augustus volgt de echte release. Voorlopig zijn er nog geen bugs gevonden. De Heart™, Brains™, Lungs™, Spine™ en Limb™ modules zijn aanwezig. De Penis™ module is waarschijnlijk voor een volgende versie van het product.

Dank aan de medeontwikkelaar Maude_X die al 14 weken non-stop aan het compilen is.