The Basics of Powershell & Active Directory

By YellowOnline on Wednesday 12 August 2015 15:55 - Comments (2)
Category: Powershell, Views: 4.066

Three methods, all with their advantages and disadvantages, for reading, writing and creating new users in AD with PowerShell. For the examples, we're interested in two totally different attributes: DisplayName and Fax. We also include authentication to allow management in multi-domain forests.

Feel free to add your tips and/or corrections in the comment section.

PS. Yes indeed: the Powershell lexer is now available on the Tweakers forums and blogs :D

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Microsoft Word loves HTML

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 4 August 2015 20:47 - Comments (10)
Category: Other, Views: 5.396

Word is a great text editor, whatever die-hard fans of the late WordPerfect may say. I will, however, admit that WP had a few advantages when it comes to transparency of the underlying code. After more than 20 years, Word can still annoy me because WYSIWYG does not live up to its name. No better illustration than HTML, because there we do see the underlying code.

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By YellowOnline on Saturday 1 August 2015 12:12 - Comments (6)
Category: Hardware, Views: 16.052

When you want to install Windows 10 you might end up with a dreaded BSOD: MULTIPROCESSOR_CONFIGURATION_NOT_SUPPORTED. Help!

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