Installing Java on Windows without malware (Ask)

By YellowOnline on Thursday 26 March 2015 11:27 - Comments (17)
Category: Windows, Views: 5.142

I reinstalled my system this week and almost swore not to install Java anymore, but unfortunately there are still too many apps that need Java (in my case Mobile Atlas Creator). Oracle should be ashamed of their forced bundling of Java with Ask. It is possible to install Java without, but not so obvious.

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HP Printer Firmware Update "Not applicable"

By YellowOnline on Thursday 19 March 2015 14:49 - Comments (7)
Category: Hardware, Views: 6.937

Once upon a time, HP was a premium brand. Those days are long gone. If they don't get back on the right track with their consumer printers, they will end up like Olivetti and Tulip eventually in favour of brands like Samsung that are getting a bigger market share every day. A fate I also wish to Creative Labs, whom I have put on my embargo list for the same reason by the way. These brands have been cherishing the fruits of their past reputation much too long.


Just to say I've had with the crappy electronics of HP and with their poor customer support. I've been struggling with my 2 year old printer for a year now because it keeps losing connectivity with the computer by whatever means it is connected (USB/LAN/WLAN). Today is the day I take some time to whether throw it away and buy a different one (not HP, mind you) or to get it working the way it should again. Maybe a firmware might do the trick, so let's download and install it. Should be pretty straightforward. Or not?

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