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By YellowOnline on Saturday 30 November 2013 11:49 - Comments (3)
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A story of mine to TDWTF was accepted!

The Daily WTF: Gone Phishing

Please note that they changed the original story a lot though. My original account can be found here.

SCDPM Troubles: "The destination to store the backup cannot be one of the source volumes"

By YellowOnline on Friday 8 November 2013 16:49 - Comments (3)
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How great to work with SCDPM, a product almost no one uses. It's not a bad product, but it isn't mature yet, not wide-spread and not on Microsoft's list of high-priority products. I hope someday the application will break out of this vicious circle.

The problem with a little used application is that there isn't as much information around on the net to help you with your problems. Ironically, most of the "Click here for more information" links in the product itself forward to a 404 on the Microsoft site. Ugh.

Anyway: today I dived into a problem I should've solved a long time ago already and I actually managed to find a solution for it. One of my DPM servers couldn't get backed up by my Disaster Recovery DPM.

The problem has actually little to do with DPM itself but rather with Windows Backup, so this is SCDPM version independent.

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