Removing DPM Recovery Points from Inactive Protection

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Removing DPM Recovery Points from Inactive Protection

An annoying limit of SCDPM is its maximum of 9000 recovery points per server (which is a VSS limit it seems). Recently I did a migration of a bunch of protected servers to another DPM server without moving the protected data as well - because that's simply not possible as far as I know. If it is, please let me know.

So anyway: after moving the protected server to another DPM server, the problem is that I can't just throw away the old data. I have to guarantee 2 months of recovery so the data needs to stay on the old DPM server for two months, under a header Inactive protection for previously protected data.

When I wanted to add new protected servers to the DPM server that I moved other protected servers away from, I hit the 9000 recovery points. Blast.

Of course: I have the data of two drives on 22 servers as Inactive protection for previously protected data. That's 22x2x62 = 2728 recovery points. Yikes, these old snapshots are eating about a third of my snapshot capability.

That migration happened about three weeks ago. The problem is that inactive recovery points will not automatically prune just like a recovery point that is part of an active protection group. An idea would be to remove all recovery points that are older than 2 months, which would give me right now 924 available recovery points, enough to add the stuff I need to backup to that same DPM server.

So how do we remove recovery points? Not through the GUI in any case: it only offers the possibility of removing all recovery points for a given data source, not specific points in time. Also, removing 924 recovery points by hand would be quite a tedious job. Automation is the keyword.

Powershell to the rescue!

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Oost-West: Kerst in Duitsland nl

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Ah, tien dagen kerst in het midden van Duitsland: veel familie gezien, veel alcohol gezien (ik drink niet) en veel te veel varkensvlees gegeten. Rundvlees is bijna enkel op bestelling te krijgen. Er zit wel vaker een kern van waarheid in stereotypen, maar dat de Duitsers zo afhankelijk zijn van Schweinefleisch wist ik echt niet.

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