Samenwonen: waarom ik eventjes nauwelijks post nl

Door YellowOnline op woensdag 29 juni 2011 15:53 - Reacties (12)
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Een heel kort blogpostje met de melding dat ik al even niet meer gepost heb wegens een drukke agenda professioneel én privé. En met een totaal ongerelateerde screenshot.

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Cleaning my music collection with PoSh

By YellowOnline on Sunday 19 June 2011 01:19 - Comments (2)
Category: Powershell, Views: 4.433

I have a huge music collection of 10 000s of files. Only two formats are allowed MP3 and FLAC. Also, I want every folder to contain the album art as a file called Folder.jpg. No other image formats allowed too. What I don't want either is .db or .cue files lying around. Or any hidden file for that matter. Last but not least, I want to see if all my albums are complete.

Doing this manually would be nearly impossible. But can PowerShell do it? Yes it can.

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