Teamviewer on mobile: "Not ready. Please check your connection"

By YellowOnline on Wednesday 20 April 2016 22:44 - Comments (2)
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Usually this is your firewall blocking traffic, like here on one of my Sophos UTMs:

The solution is, obviously, to allow outgoing traffic 5938/tcp. Or not use Teamviewer: Remote Control.

Actually I was looking for a way to control Windows Phone over Teamviewer. I use it to support Android devices already - some read only, but that's still better than nothing - but for Windows Mobile (or as a Continuum Application) it doesn't seem to be available yet sadly.

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By Tweakers user i-chat, Thursday 21 April 2016 17:33

i never got TV to run on android not on stock roms nor on CM 12.1 and CM13, it says it has to download some kind of module but it allways fails (device: moto g1 LTE (peregrine),

By Tweakers user battler, Friday 22 April 2016 17:32

If I'm correct, it should first check some ports but if they're closed it should go just via HTTP.

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