A list of qualitative delivery services in Berlin-Neukölln

By YellowOnline on Sunday 04 September 2016 17:58 - Comments (11)
Category: Cooking, Views: 898

Because we like to order food on a Sunday evening: a list of qualitative delivery services in Berlin-Neukölln. The full list:

Weil wir gerne Essen bestellen am Sonntagabend: Eine Liste von qualitativen Lieferdienste in Berlin-Neukölln. Die komplette Liste:

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A first glance at Teamviewer Quicksupport for W10 Mobile

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 23 August 2016 20:44 - Comments (5)
Category: Windows, Views: 2.390

It bothered me a long time that I could take control of my computer with my phone but not the other way round; and that Android users could get support on their mobile devices but Windows users not.

Software-update: TeamViewer 11.0.65280 changed that: you can now also remote control Windows 10 Mobile devices - even though it seems to be still in a preview (read: beta) status.

I don't expect many problems though, because contrarily to Android, Windows hardware in mobile devices is pretty homogeneous.

But let's have a look.

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Parsing Sophos Web Filtering logs

By YellowOnline on Monday 25 July 2016 22:36 - Comments (0)
Category: Powershell, Views: 1.261

Yes, Sophos appliances are unix based and unix admins just love grep. At least, that seems to be Sophos' idea when looking at the logs a UTM produces.

The Powershell equivalent would be Find-String, but what if I want a readable overview instead of looking for a specific string? I need exactly that tonight, because I had to find something but didn't know what I was looking for. Hence this quick and dirty script to turn a Sophos Web Filtering Log into an object and subsequently into a CSV.

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Voetbaltaal in België nl

Door YellowOnline op zondag 12 juni 2016 20:45 - Reacties (10)
Categorie: Language, Views: 2.505

Van deze pauze tussen twee EK-voetbalwedstrijden door maak ik gebruik van een kleine blogpost over voetbaltaal. Zelf mis ik de Belgische commentaar hier in Duitsland. Frank Raes is geen Rik De Saedeleer, maar nog steeds eem zeer goede commentator en zelfs menig Nederlander verkiest hem boven hun eigen Frank Snoeks.

Maar hoe goed verstaat men eigenlijk het Belgische voetbaljargon daar in het noorden? Er zijn namelijk vele woorden en uitdrukking met betrekking tot voetbal die waarschijnlijk nooit de grens oversteken.

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