Yellow meets Prince nl

Door YellowOnline op zaterdag 23 april 2016 23:22 - Reacties (11)
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Sinds ik niet meer rook schrijf ik eigenlijk niet meer, behalve de occasionele technische post. Met de nicotine uit mijn leven is ook mijn schrijverslust vergaan, zo blijkt. Bij wijze van uitzondering, deze korte ode aan Prince.

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Teamviewer on mobile: "Not ready. Please check your connection"

By YellowOnline on Wednesday 20 April 2016 22:44 - Comments (2)
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Usually this is your firewall blocking traffic, like here on one of my Sophos UTMs:

The solution is, obviously, to allow outgoing traffic 5938/tcp. Or not use Teamviewer: Remote Control.

Actually I was looking for a way to control Windows Phone over Teamviewer. I use it to support Android devices already - some read only, but that's still better than nothing - but for Windows Mobile (or as a Continuum Application) it doesn't seem to be available yet sadly.

Export Distribution Group Members... also with Exchange 2003

By YellowOnline on Thursday 07 April 2016 09:46 - Comments (12)
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You need a file with all the users in a specific distribution group? Nowadays Exchange has cmdlets to do this. In Exchange 2003, however, things were rather complicated. Because my environment is still 2003, I made this function to do exactly that.

This snippet also allows for members from different subdomains.

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Brussels, 22 March 2016

By YellowOnline on Tuesday 22 March 2016 16:06 - Comments are disabled
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(13 november... 22 maart...)
("Ah, de bandieten! ... Ah! De piraten! ... Ah ! Als ik ze vast zou hebben, die gemenerds, duizend bommen! Ik zou ze breken als...als...als...")
(22 maart 2016: Werelddag zonder Belgenmop)

Funniest joke in the world

By YellowOnline on Sunday 20 March 2016 21:28 - Comments (6)
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Do you know Monty Python's sketch about the funniest joke in the world? It's from Flying Circus' very first episode:

I had to think of this when last week, I burst out laughing from a post on 9gag. Half an hour ago, I looked it up for my wive, showed it to her, and we laughed like we hadn't laughed for years. For something that isn't even meant funny!

This made me really curious to see how other people react to it (it didn't get many upvotes on 9gag, but that can be because of bad timing).

It's at least 3 years old by the way.

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